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Water damage is one of the worst disasters one can experience in his home. Apart from the headache it causes immediately after the damage, the long run effect is also expensive not to even mention the insurance policy procedures.

However there are some things one can do during and after water damages a home. These things help reduce expenses after the damage and save some property from being damaged.

Turn Off the Water Source


Whether is cause by a burst pipe of water pipe or flood, the first thing you should do is to think of the best possible way to cut-off or reduce the water source from entry your home. In the case of damage caused by a burst pipe, quickly turn off he water source


Turn Off The Power Source


It is very important to cut-off the power source in water damaged home. The power source and gas can escalate the whole situation to cause more serious damage.

Before touching anything power, please make sure you are properly insulated to avoid any form of shock. And if you cannot help but stand right there in water to cut off the power, you might need to consult an electrician.

Move valuable properties


We all keep some valuables in our home, like jewelry, documents, and certificates, family pictures, money etc. do not waste so much time doing this while the water is still causing more Water removal Dallas. Quickly move them to the safest place you know.


Access the Level of Damage


The next thing to do is to access the level of damage in your home. You need to think if the damage is really bad that rebuilding is the best option. Take pictures at different corners because this will be useful to show your insurance company.


Move Damaged Properties


While this work in water-damaged home can really be a grueling and nasty, this is one of the best things to do, move damaged properties to the basement or anywhere else that you should move it to. You can employ the services of water mitigating professionals to help you out even though it will add to your expenses.

However, trying to cut down expenses should be your goal, why not just slid in a pair of rubber gloves and do it yourself.




Remove standing water


Water is often times stock in different parts of home damaged by water.  The longer you wait the more damage this water does to things. Roll-up your sleeves and get rid of the water. However, you will need to take some safety measures like wearing a pair of water boot, gloves etc. Keep the children away from the area,


Remove Debris and Air Dry


Usually it takes bacteria about 48 to 72 hours to buildup in your apartment. At the points where water has stayed stagnant for some hours should be your starting point to cleaning; Muds left behind the door and other places can be removed with shovel and be careful of some animals like rat and snake. After cleaning up these places, you need to allow it to air dry.


Facing water damage challenge is not an easy task. However, in this situation, take this steps and you will be glade you did.



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