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Breakfast is one of the most salient meals one should take in a day. However, with our busy daily lifestyles as interior designers or home builders, having a healthy breakfast has scaled down in our list of priorities. Our Breakfast has been reduced to a sugary coffee with a muffin on the go and thus losing all nutritional value it should have.

Our body systems are always set to start demanding an energy supply after waking up without considering whether we have eaten or not. Our brains are not capable of storing energy for themselves and therefore demanding a constant supply of glucose. Not eating a healthy breakfast in the morning can deter one’s mental agility and subject both body and brain to a chronic strain.  As a home remodeler, this can mean poor quality on the job site and ultimately impact your business, which we can’t afford! Here are some Tips for making a healthy breakfast on the go

1. Avoiding refined carbohydrates

These carbohydrates include white breads, pastries or bagels. Refined carbohydrate diet is known to have a high glycemic index which results to glucose being released rapidly into one’s bloodstream and thus giving the body very short-lived energy boost. Low Glycemic index carbs which include meals like wholegrain breads and cereals are known to release energy slowly to the bloodstream thus allowing a constant energy supply until you take your next meal.

2. Include proteins.

Protein breakfast meal package can range from meats, dinner left-overs, milk, egg, and bananas. Proteins can set your breakfast on the go because they help keep you fuller for longer.

3. Feed on Fruit and Vegetables

It is obviously known that most fruits and vegetables have no cholesterol and are fond of low glycemic index. Including them in your breakfast will make a relishing meal on the go as they provide a good dose of important vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

4. Keeping off from exotic fries.

Deep fried foods such as omelettes as breakfast meals. However, you can still prepare a healthy and nutritious on the go breakfast. You can have grilled and trimmed bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, poached eggs, baked beans, and whole grain toast with a low-fat spread using a smoothie blender. It is highly advised that you get accustomed to grilling and steaming your breakfast food as it cuts down the saturated fats and makes your breakfast on the go.

While on the go

Not having enough time shouldn’t be an excuse to not eat breakfast. You can also get ready-made liquid breakfasts on the go from the supermarket stores there are a variety of stocked products. Cafeterias also usually serve healthy breakfast with fresh ingredients. You can try to order something from them as you go.Cheers

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