I used to play with my food when I’m young, especially the fish balls. In order to stop me from doing that, my grandma came up with a scary fish ball monster story, which I still remember till these days.

She used to tell me in Teochew: ‘ 你再玩,鱼丸就变成大毛丸来吃你啊!’(if you keep playing, the fish balls will turn into a big hairy monster and eat you up). That spikes my wild childhood imagination and sends a chill down my spine

The Gigantic Hairy Fish Ball ‘Moyee’ is a manifestation of my imagination on how the fish ball will be in my grandma’s story. Apart from its scary look, the monster chair can be a cozy hideout for people to sit in and relax. The body of the chair is constructed with the Roly-Poly toy(不倒翁) concept where user can rock in the ball without rolling over. This adds fun onto the basic chair function for both adult and children.