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At the time of redesigning a home, you don’t have to wander here and there and spend thousands of dollars for the redesigning. What if I tell you that you can change the look of your home without spending lots of money?

Here I am telling you about some of the best ways to redesign your home in an effective way with the help of right designer and contractor.


When you are about to redesign your home, the first thing that comes to your mind is to change the furniture and old stuff of your home. Do you have enough budget to buy the new and expensive furniture?

If you have some budget problem, then the auction is the best option for you. Keep an eye on the auctions where good furniture is available and you can have numbers of supplies from there. You will save about $290 from the auction purchasing.


As compared to the major showrooms you should always visit the manufacturers. Doors play an important role in changing the look of your home and if your doors are not looking good enough, then your home will look old and outdated.

For the reliable and durable doors, you should go to the manufacturer where you can have customized doors at less price as compared to the market. Doors can help increase the value of the home. Going to the manufacturer will help you save around $2000 on the doors of your home.


The best thing you can do to redesign your home and give it a modern look is to go for the paints and wallpapers. Research what kind of colors will make your home look big and what kind of wallpapers are suitable for the long run.

Using the right kind of paint and wallpaper in your home will last for years and you’ll not have to be worried about changing it every year. You can easily remove the dirt from the good quality paint and wallpaper. You can save about $500 or more every year if you apply the good quality paint at your home.


In most of the homes due to the severe weather conditions, it may happen that roofs start getting leaked or damaged. If it’s not much damage and you have taken action immediately, then with the help of Austin Texas Remodeling Pros Fixer Upper you can fix it.

Your home will be safe and it helps in saving money on redesigning. You don’t have to replace the whole piece but they’ll repair the damaged place with chip and you will be free to go further in your home.


Another thing which is going to change the look of your home is flooring. You can go for the hardwood floor or you can go for the tiling as well. Hardwood floor is highly recommended because it’s a long-term investment.

The maintenance of the floor will be easy and it will save your money for many years.…

Growing up, I recall fondly that once a year on Chinese New Year, the steamboat will take center stage at the dining table during our family reunion dinner. Without fail, the steamboat is always surrounded by family, good food, laughter, happiness and love.
It is around the steamboat that I learnt about family values, respect and filial piety. The steamboat holds fond memories for me. And it has grown to represent everything that epitomizes the spirit of family bonding.

GlowBelly is a steamboat that when not used for cooking or dining, can be flipped around to function as a beautiful lamp; encouraging the joyful memories of past reunion dinners to continue to glow and is an ever-present reminder of the values and ingredients that go into making a happy family.

The design is to be made from pyro-ceramics, which is a special glass used for cookware. It is able to withstand extreme temperature changes, allowing it to be used in the freezer and directly onto the stove and in the oven. GlowBelly is currently being patented by World Kitchen, supplier of well-known names in kitchenware like Corelle®, CorningWare® and Vision®.

The GlowBelly Steamboat design is dedicated to my Grandmother.

Jason Goh is a homegrown Singaporean designer. He graduates with an Honors Degree in Design from the University of Glasgow in Scotland in 2001. Upon graduation Jason began his exciting design career as an Industrial Designer in GE/Fitch in 2002. He has since worked in several multi-national companies including Panasonic, Siemens VDO, Creative Technology and Hewlett-Packard. His work experience has allowed him work on a wide variety of design projects such as audio/video hi-fi systems, LCD TVs, car audio, gaming machines, multimedia speakers, mobile phones and business printers.

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Wai lim was born in Singapore.Graduated from Temasek polytechinic, industrial and product design in 1999.

Since then she worked for design consultancy Design exchange, G.E Fitch , Dell experience design group. Her works had won award like Red Dot Design, IF design award, Good Design Award,  Best of CES innovation,  Singapore Furniture Industry Council.

Music, travel, nature & comtemporary art is always her source of inspiration She also into toy collection.…

This design provides a new experience for the user in that the mug itself holds on to the spoon while the user drinks his ‘teh’ (tea) or ‘kopi’ (coffee) – Singapore local style – from a cup / mug with no saucer.

When I had my first breakfast at hawker center in Singapore, I realized few interesting behavior that many people around me.

Drink kopi or tea while holding the spoon with the cup and stir making ‘clang, clang’ sounds.

After awhile I noticed that because the drinks contain condensed milk, need to stir often.

The drinks served without saucer at hawker center usually so do not have any place to put their spoon on and the table is not sanitized, so the user simply put his tea spoon in the cup, let it lay naturally while they drink.

The last thing is while they drink tea, the user put his tea spoon in the cup and let it lay naturally then the spoon moving around in the cup and irritating the user.

The NOTA mug is designed to prevent those conditions mentioned above for better experience; hopefully it becomes a ‘notable’ cup, different from others.

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Barn doors are very popular and trendy nowadays, most of the people install them by their own, it is not very difficult, but still, if you need any installer or interior designer to do this job for you, you can easily find them with a few important things in your mind.

barn door hardware

You must choose the best barn door hardware in your area to get the long-term benefit. Before installing barn doors, you need to know few following things:

What is the structural stability?

A standout amongst essential contemplations before adding to or expelling from a current structure is whether you will trade off it in any capacity. Unless you have an arrangement for your prebuilt home, there is no perfect way to know just by looking whether your entryway was confined sufficiently underneath the drywall.

barn door hardware

You’ll have to know whether the entryway or doors you’ve picked are too overwhelming for the track framework they’ll be using, which is particularly essential if this is a DIY extend. While every single current home is worked with adequate confining, more established homes, augmentations, and angled entryways ought to be checked properly before you begin penetrating.

You can verify whether you have a header by removing a 2-inch by 2-inch area of drywall around 6 creeps over the entryway to ensure you can see the shaft. Likewise, at each interim that you will join the outbuilding entryway track — this incorporates the augmentation past the entryway opening — you ought to have either a stud or a wood hinder underneath the drywall to include adequate support.

You ought to guarantee that your city does not require a permit for the establishment of a sliding barn door. A few urban communities order that any home change costing more than $500 requires the permit; others require close down by a basic designer.

What look are you going for?

Many love the natural sentiment of a weathered wood barn entryway. Others are pulled into the 007 spy tasteful of a carved glass slider. Whatever your style inclination, ensure that your barn entryway adds to the general interest as opposed to taking away from it.

Pick a barn entryway material that blends with your home. A stainless-steel form in a Zen withdraw could be the inverse of unwinding, while a recovered Balinese sanctuary entryway would bring a profound atmosphere.

barn door hardware

The writing slate barn doors are a fabulous approach to adding a casual interest to a family home. In the event that you cherish the look of the barn entryway yet need something with somewhat more sparkle than a piece of recovered wood, consider including a reflecting surface.

You can likewise utilize a barn entryway as a point of convergence. The medium-tone wood supports compared against the fresh white are shocking.

After knowing all these answers, you can go to your nearby hardware store to look for your required material and easily start your project. There are many service providers out there but making an informed decision helps you make wonders.…

Bathroom remodeling is quite a tedious task. It involves a lot of things that you need to look after when redesigning your bathroom. Some people prefer taking expert help while others try to do it on their own by using some DIY ideas. Here we’ve brought some ideas and tips to help you redesign your bathroom.

Plan your dream bathroom with these easy and helpful tips.

Have everything on hand first:

Big items like special-order tile and vanity top usually arrive after several weeks. Wait for their arrival before starting the remodeling process. Make sure that everything you are going to need including the tub, the tile, plumbing fixtures, the vanity, and any new lighting is on hand.

Waiting for the arrival of parts might make you feel distressed but it’s better than having an unusable bathroom and tearing up your fixtures until the components arrive. The Austin based bath Contractors have a huge amount of knowledge in this field.

Having all the new items on the hand will help you decide whether some additional work is required, for example, running new links for your lights or moving the pipes lines for the sink area before you tear up and then fix the dividers.

Consider all your options:

There is a limited range of vanities and tops available for home centers in the store, and it may take five to six weeks for the special orders to arrive so consider taking a look at other sources. Local independent suppliers can provide you a wide variety of colors and sizes of tops.

They are also capable of customizing the tops to make them fit unusual shapes and spaces. The affordability of tops might make you feel surprised.

Know what a bathroom remodel costs:

There are many Austin based bath contractors who recommend you to figure out the costs before starting the remodeling process. Putting your expectation into perspective is really important for beginning your project when it comes to figuring out the money that you want to invest.

There are several factors involved in the cost of a remodel such as the quality of materials, the size of your bathroom and if you are planning to do some of the labor yourself.

The toilet should not be the first thing you see on opening the bathroom door:

The toilet isn’t a pleasing thing to look at. Most of the times, bathroom get left open which means that your guest will see the toilet when walking by the bathroom.

Understand standard bathroom dimensions:

You’ll be able to plan your remodel in a more efficient way if you take some time to understand the key measurements, such as the place that is required for toilet and the size of a typical bathtub.

Consider a corner sink:

Try to free up some space by putting your sink in the corner if you do not have wide space to accommodate a lot of stuff.

Plan a lighting scheme:

Incorporate layers of task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting is the best approach to a well-lit space.…