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Breakfast is one of the most salient meals one should take in a day. However, with our busy daily lifestyles as interior designers or home builders, having a healthy breakfast has scaled down in our list of priorities. Our Breakfast has been reduced to a sugary coffee with a muffin on the go and thus losing all nutritional value it should have.

Our body systems are always set to start demanding an energy supply after waking up without considering whether we have eaten or not. Our brains are not capable of storing energy for themselves and therefore demanding a constant supply of glucose. Not eating a healthy breakfast in the morning can deter one’s mental agility and subject both body and brain to a chronic strain.  As a home remodeler, this can mean poor quality on the job site and ultimately impact your business, which we can’t afford! Here are some Tips for making a healthy breakfast on the go

1. Avoiding refined carbohydrates

These carbohydrates include white breads, pastries or bagels. Refined carbohydrate diet is known to have a high glycemic index which results to glucose being released rapidly into one’s bloodstream and thus giving the body very short-lived energy boost. Low Glycemic index carbs which include meals like wholegrain breads and cereals are known to release energy slowly to the bloodstream thus allowing a constant energy supply until you take your next meal.

2. Include proteins.

Protein breakfast meal package can range from meats, dinner left-overs, milk, egg, and bananas. Proteins can set your breakfast on the go because they help keep you fuller for longer.

3. Feed on Fruit and Vegetables

It is obviously known that most fruits and vegetables have no cholesterol and are fond of low glycemic index. Including them in your breakfast will make a relishing meal on the go as they provide a good dose of important vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

4. Keeping off from exotic fries.

Deep fried foods such as omelettes as breakfast meals. However, you can still prepare a healthy and nutritious on the go breakfast. You can have grilled and trimmed bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, poached eggs, baked beans, and whole grain toast with a low-fat spread using a smoothie blender. It is highly advised that you get accustomed to grilling and steaming your breakfast food as it cuts down the saturated fats and makes your breakfast on the go.

While on the go

Not having enough time shouldn’t be an excuse to not eat breakfast. You can also get ready-made liquid breakfasts on the go from the supermarket stores there are a variety of stocked products. Cafeterias also usually serve healthy breakfast with fresh ingredients. You can try to order something from them as you go.Cheers…

Oil Diffusers have become very popular these days and there are a lot of people who are talking about the amazing benefits of oil diffusers. This form of the therapy is becoming common these days. But the question is that why this product has become so much popular?

It is a device that uses a process named aromatherapy to disperse natural essential oils. Aromatherapy diffusers is another common name for the oil diffusers. There is a variety of options available. Your personal preferences and your budget define that which oil diffuser is suitable for you.

Ease in cleaning, on/off switch, timer program and quietness while in use, are the main features that you must consider when you’re trying to find a diffuser. On operational manual should also be included with the diffuser you choose because there is a wide range of options available.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why these diffusers are essential for you.

Relaxation and Sleep

Due to the busy schedule that we have every day, it gets difficult for us to feel relaxed and take complete rest but these essential oil diffusers can help us take complete rest and feel relaxed. Peace and comfort help us maintain a healthy body.

If you have some work to complete in the evening, an essential oil diffuser can help you complete that work in proper relaxation and comfort.

Mood Elevating

An essential oil diffuser can help you energize your mood with its great scent. Another great benefit of these oil diffusers is that they can help in setting a positive atmosphere for social gatherings and business meetings, inspiring high spirits during the holidays, or creating a romantic atmosphere.

Helps in breathing

Essential oils can help you breathe more easily by reducing congestion and inflammation in clogged airways. Try these essential oils in your room if you are suffering from allergies or other breathing disorders. Don’t forget to keep a handkerchief with you to clean your nose as it will begin to open.

Pain Relief

An essential oil diffuser can help you extend the effects of the oils that you’ve applied to your body for pain relief. Persistent pains that are caused by sore joints, headaches, and overworked muscles can be controlled with the help of this excellent method.

Bring a suitable oil diffuser today and enjoy the amazing benefits of this device.…

Babies are the blessing of God and no matter how sad you are and how down you are feeling, a baby with a smiling face can boost your energy and excitement. If you have a small baby in your home then you must be aware that how hard is it to capture the perfect photo of your baby.

Take the photo of your baby

Babies never let anyone capture their picture so easily. If you are the photography lover and want to capture the best pictures of your baby then go through few tips to take the best pictures of your baby. Photo props can also be a better solution to these kinds of issues.


Low shots are quite great when you want to capture the natural pose of your baby. The low shots will make your baby focus on camera with the different reaction and you will be able to capture their unique expressions.

To take a picture from a low shot is quite hard but you can decide one place from where the shot can be captured clearly. With this effort, you will be a great child photographer one day.


Babies are the absolute sweetheart and unpredictable. You never know when they are going to laugh hard and when they are going to get surprised. Every expression of a baby is precious to the parent and they want to capture it.

Take the photo of your baby

In this case, keep the camera close to you so you don’t have to wander around the house to grab the camera and the moment will be passed away. Smartphones have solved this problem these days.


You need to observe your baby closely. Infants don’t smile that much and they usually just feed and sleep. You need to observe which thing makes them laugh and what makes them happy so you can capture the picture.

Take the photo of your baby

All you have to do is to show them their favorite toy and look what they do after watching them. Next time you can capture their photo by showing them their favorite thing.


Bath time is the only place where kids enjoy their time. Whenever you will give them the bath they will do new things and they will enjoy and smile as much as they can.

Bath time is all about the enjoyment and with the help of little creativity you can capture the best pictures of your baby. Take advantage of your baby time and take pictures of them as a precious memory of their childhood.


Funny videos are the most attractive to the babies and if you will show them the videos of their favorite animal or of some baby then they will be happy enough to watch it. You can capture the reaction of your baby with the changing scenarios of videos. You will be able to get the best shots of your baby and can see the priceless expressions of your baby.

Through these tips, you will be able to capture the best shot of your baby and you will be glad of your ways to capture the best memories of your child.…

Did you know that tap water contains numerous chemicals and bacteria that can affect your general health? Drinking healthy water is even more important than eating healthy food, because water absorbs all the chemicals from the air or soil more easily than the food.


In order to save your health, you should consider buying a water filtration system for your home. There are several different options and each of them comes with benefits and downsides. It can be a frustrating thing for buyers to go through all the options by themselves. That’s why we did a research and discovered five key points you should look for when buying a water filtration system for your home.


Is it for your drinking water only?

Pitcher, under sink or whole house system – which one is the best solution for your home? If you feel strongly about tap or community water and still think it is safe for use, but it need a filtration, then you should go with pitchers. They are designed to filter only water from the faucets and taps, but won’t help you in filtrating the water in your entire home. On the other side, if you need a more permanent solution for your family, you may look for under sink or whole house system. It would be expensive up front, but it will give you a clean and healthy water in your entire home, not just in your kitchen.


What contaminants it should reduce?

Most water filter system does not reduce all contaminants. Pitcher water filters, for example, reduce substances like chloride but don’t reduce the presence of heavy metals, VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) or pesticides. On the other hand, solid block carbon filters does reduce almost every bacteria, pesticide, chloride and heavy metal, but still isn’t efficient in reducing VOCs. Before you consider buying a water filtration system, make sure you check first if it reduces most of contaminants or just part of them.



How much does it cost?

The price wouldn’t be an issue if you find what you are looking for, but it’s clever to think about numbers before you go and purchase your water filtration system. Some options like pitcher water filters may seem inexpensive at first, but if you know that they require frequent filling and cartridge replacement you will be surprised with the eventual cost. On the flip side, reverse osmosis filters or counter multi-stage filters may seem expensive up front, but if you consider the fact that they usually doesn’t require frequent maintenance, they could be a smarter purchasing option, especially if you’re going to use it for quite a while.


Is it easy to install it?

Another important feature of your new water filtration system is the installation. If you go for the simplest option – pitcher water filters – it wouldn’t require hiring additional help. However, more complex water filtration systems, such as multi-stage filters, requires hiring a plumber, which may cost you more than the actual product.


How much space does it take?

 Depending on the complexity of the water filtration system itself, some filters may take much larger space than you realize. For example, the complex wider counter multi-stage filter must be placed under the sink and take up the extra storage space from there. Some other filters like distilled water filter are also huge for the house usage (and may be expensive, too). If you don’t want to waste additional space in your kitchen or you have a really small one, you should consider simpler options like pitcher water filters.

Read the full guide here for detailed descriptions of the top water filtration devices on the market today.