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At the time of redesigning a home, you don’t have to wander here and there and spend thousands of dollars for the redesigning. What if I tell you that you can change the look of your home without spending lots of money?

Here I am telling you about some of the best ways to redesign your home in an effective way with the help of right designer and contractor.


When you are about to redesign your home, the first thing that comes to your mind is to change the furniture and old stuff of your home. Do you have enough budget to buy the new and expensive furniture?

If you have some budget problem, then the auction is the best option for you. Keep an eye on the auctions where good furniture is available and you can have numbers of supplies from there. You will save about $290 from the auction purchasing.


As compared to the major showrooms you should always visit the manufacturers. Doors play an important role in changing the look of your home and if your doors are not looking good enough, then your home will look old and outdated.

For the reliable and durable doors, you should go to the manufacturer where you can have customized doors at less price as compared to the market. Doors can help increase the value of the home. Going to the manufacturer will help you save around $2000 on the doors of your home.


The best thing you can do to redesign your home and give it a modern look is to go for the paints and wallpapers. Research what kind of colors will make your home look big and what kind of wallpapers are suitable for the long run.

Using the right kind of paint and wallpaper in your home will last for years and you’ll not have to be worried about changing it every year. You can easily remove the dirt from the good quality paint and wallpaper. You can save about $500 or more every year if you apply the good quality paint at your home.


In most of the homes due to the severe weather conditions, it may happen that roofs start getting leaked or damaged. If it’s not much damage and you have taken action immediately, then with the help of Austin Texas Remodeling Pros Fixer Upper you can fix it.

Your home will be safe and it helps in saving money on redesigning. You don’t have to replace the whole piece but they’ll repair the damaged place with chip and you will be free to go further in your home.


Another thing which is going to change the look of your home is flooring. You can go for the hardwood floor or you can go for the tiling as well. Hardwood floor is highly recommended because it’s a long-term investment.

The maintenance of the floor will be easy and it will save your money for many years.…

Growing up, I recall fondly that once a year on Chinese New Year, the steamboat will take center stage at the dining table during our family reunion dinner. Without fail, the steamboat is always surrounded by family, good food, laughter, happiness and love.
It is around the steamboat that I learnt about family values, respect and filial piety. The steamboat holds fond memories for me. And it has grown to represent everything that epitomizes the spirit of family bonding.

GlowBelly is a steamboat that when not used for cooking or dining, can be flipped around to function as a beautiful lamp; encouraging the joyful memories of past reunion dinners to continue to glow and is an ever-present reminder of the values and ingredients that go into making a happy family.

The design is to be made from pyro-ceramics, which is a special glass used for cookware. It is able to withstand extreme temperature changes, allowing it to be used in the freezer and directly onto the stove and in the oven. GlowBelly is currently being patented by World Kitchen, supplier of well-known names in kitchenware like Corelle®, CorningWare® and Vision®.

The GlowBelly Steamboat design is dedicated to my Grandmother.

Jason Goh is a homegrown Singaporean designer. He graduates with an Honors Degree in Design from the University of Glasgow in Scotland in 2001. Upon graduation Jason began his exciting design career as an Industrial Designer in GE/Fitch in 2002. He has since worked in several multi-national companies including Panasonic, Siemens VDO, Creative Technology and Hewlett-Packard. His work experience has allowed him work on a wide variety of design projects such as audio/video hi-fi systems, LCD TVs, car audio, gaming machines, multimedia speakers, mobile phones and business printers.

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Wai lim was born in Singapore.Graduated from Temasek polytechinic, industrial and product design in 1999.

Since then she worked for design consultancy Design exchange, G.E Fitch , Dell experience design group. Her works had won award like Red Dot Design, IF design award, Good Design Award,  Best of CES innovation,  Singapore Furniture Industry Council.

Music, travel, nature & comtemporary art is always her source of inspiration She also into toy collection.…

This design provides a new experience for the user in that the mug itself holds on to the spoon while the user drinks his ‘teh’ (tea) or ‘kopi’ (coffee) – Singapore local style – from a cup / mug with no saucer.

When I had my first breakfast at hawker center in Singapore, I realized few interesting behavior that many people around me.

Drink kopi or tea while holding the spoon with the cup and stir making ‘clang, clang’ sounds.

After awhile I noticed that because the drinks contain condensed milk, need to stir often.

The drinks served without saucer at hawker center usually so do not have any place to put their spoon on and the table is not sanitized, so the user simply put his tea spoon in the cup, let it lay naturally while they drink.

The last thing is while they drink tea, the user put his tea spoon in the cup and let it lay naturally then the spoon moving around in the cup and irritating the user.

The NOTA mug is designed to prevent those conditions mentioned above for better experience; hopefully it becomes a ‘notable’ cup, different from others.

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Oil Diffusers have become very popular these days and there are a lot of people who are talking about the amazing benefits of oil diffusers. This form of the therapy is becoming common these days. But the question is that why this product has become so much popular?

It is a device that uses a process named aromatherapy to disperse natural essential oils. Aromatherapy diffusers is another common name for the oil diffusers. There is a variety of options available. Your personal preferences and your budget define that which oil diffuser is suitable for you.

Ease in cleaning, on/off switch, timer program and quietness while in use, are the main features that you must consider when you’re trying to find a diffuser. On operational manual should also be included with the diffuser you choose because there is a wide range of options available.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why these diffusers are essential for you.

Relaxation and Sleep

Due to the busy schedule that we have every day, it gets difficult for us to feel relaxed and take complete rest but these essential oil diffusers can help us take complete rest and feel relaxed. Peace and comfort help us maintain a healthy body.

If you have some work to complete in the evening, an essential oil diffuser can help you complete that work in proper relaxation and comfort.

Mood Elevating

An essential oil diffuser can help you energize your mood with its great scent. Another great benefit of these oil diffusers is that they can help in setting a positive atmosphere for social gatherings and business meetings, inspiring high spirits during the holidays, or creating a romantic atmosphere.

Helps in breathing

Essential oils can help you breathe more easily by reducing congestion and inflammation in clogged airways. Try these essential oils in your room if you are suffering from allergies or other breathing disorders. Don’t forget to keep a handkerchief with you to clean your nose as it will begin to open.

Pain Relief

An essential oil diffuser can help you extend the effects of the oils that you’ve applied to your body for pain relief. Persistent pains that are caused by sore joints, headaches, and overworked muscles can be controlled with the help of this excellent method.

Bring a suitable oil diffuser today and enjoy the amazing benefits of this device.…

Depending on the location and the extent of the damage you may have to pay a huge amount for getting the water damage repaired at your home. You have to spend plenty of dollars if water gets in contact with fabrics, sheetrock, water or other biodegradable material such as cupboard or paper. You have to suffer from other health and safety problems if you do not take any immediate action to get the problem solved.

Professional Restoration Service Costs

Catching the water damage immediately is the best way of repairing it. You can take help from water Restoration USA to recover the damage as soon possible. These experts will not only help you get rid of the problem but they can also provide you better suggestion to keep you secure from any future damage.

Before talking about the price of restoration services, let’s quickly have a look at the major factors that influence water damage costs.

Water damage repair costs are greatly influenced by numerous factors. The type of water that has caused the damage is the first element. There are three types of water that are identified by the water Restoration USA experts:

Clean Water

It is the type water that comes from a tap that was mistakenly left open or the rain water that enters the house from a window.

Grey water

Professional Restoration Service Costs

The water that major appliances like washing machines or dishwashers discharge is known as the grey water. You may suffer from many infectious diseases due to the chemicals and biological pollutants that grey water contains.

Black Water

The flood water or sewage water that comes from ground sources like streams or rivers is known as the black water. You may suffer from different health problems due to the black water.

The damage caused by grey or black water is much expensive to deal with because it requires a more stringent disinfection process to get rid of them. And the technicians are also at a greater health risk while dealing with these both kind of waters.

Standard price of restoration: –

$2,700 is the average cost to dry out a home (Remember that reconstruction efforts like replacing the drywall or torn out floors is not included in it).

$7,500 is the average water damage insurance claim (which includes the drying and reconstruction process as well).

Here is the price per square foot that may be charged for cleaning up and drying out your home which is divided into three different categories:

  • Cat 1 – $3.75
  • Cat 2 – $4.50
  • Cat 3 – $7.00

The category of your loss can be determined based on a few elements.

The rates of all restoration enterprises are almost the same. Your insurance adjuster plays an important role in determining the total job costs. The loss is estimated using the exact same software even if you do not fill a claim.

You might find a slight difference in the costs but these standard rates can help you find the perfect and suitable restoration service.…