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littlethoughts is a Sydney based interior design company that specializes in providing elegant and classy interior designing solutions for both the residential and commercial projects varying from the landed properties to offices, personal rooms to condominiums, HDB flats to restaurants and retail outlets. The company always stands out in the crowd and has a wide variety of designs and themes to select from.

Ever had a spark of an idea where as you pondered deeply, something from nothing seemed to emerge? This is the beauty of an idea; small sparks that have the potential to ignite into something bigger.

We are ‘The Little Thoughts Group’, a collective of product designers seeking to express our own individual points of view through objects and experiences. Breaking free from our day-to-day professions, this is our opportunity to focus on ourselves for just a moment and to share with you what interests us. Our hope is to create awareness of design and the importance it plays in our everyday lives.

Most importantly, we believe that every idea is a good idea and is better than no idea at all. We would like to extend our invitation to you to join in on our small thoughts and hope that you walk away with BIG IDEAS.

Alvin Sitoh
Alfred Lau
Celia Law
Chan Wai Lim
Christopher Lim
Erene Teo
Francis Chu
Jason Goh
Jeremy Sun
Kittichai (Naa)
Lee Leong Chye
Lee Yun Qin
Len Lim
Ng Pei Kang
Nick Marchand
Pricilla Zhang
Rodney Loh
Tan Lun Cheak
Woon Taiwoon
Yang Tah Ching

More about 2010 designers

Leonard Tan Bahroocha
Andrew Loh
Elwyn Ng

A non profit organization that provides an avenue for designers to establish relationships and partnerships with other organizations to further challenge and elevate the known perception of product design.

To hold exhibitions and events which will act as a platform to allow the members to showcase their talents and the creativity of their personal work.

To incubate product design ideas and work which will be representative of the best of product design in Singapore.

To encourage and promote the understanding of product design to the general public and younger audiences.